Install an Idena node

I consider that you have understood what Idena is.

To continue the tutorial, you need a virtual machine under Linux or a server (VPS)

I - Configure your VPS

1 - Choose a VPS (contabo, ovh, etc.)

minimum requirements:

  • Linux/x64

  • 1 CPU core

  • 2 Gb RAM

  • 100 Gb HDD

  • 100 Mbps uplink

2- Connect to your vps


Open Settings, then Applications, and then press Optional Features

Search for ssh, install the feature and restart your computer if if necessary

Windows, Linux and MacOS

Open a command terminal (cmd for Windows) then connect to your VPS with the following command, then enter the associated password:

Now enter your password, you should be connected.

II - Install the Idena node

Quick way

we will use an open source tool: idena-manager.

  • log into your VPS

  • (optional) create an Idena directory : mkdir idena && cd idena

  • install the tool: source <(curl -sL

  • add a node: idena-manager add

    • location: leave empty (or type your custom location, ex: /home/ubuntu/idena/)

    • api key: leave empty to generate an api key (or type a random sequence, longer the better)

    • node wallet (or nodekey): find and copy paste your nodekey from your PC

      • Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Idena\node\datadir\keystore

      • MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Idena/node/datadir/keystore

      • Linux: ~/.config/Idena/node/datadir/keystore/nodekey

  • get your api key if it was created randomly: idena-manager status

  • paste it in your settings panel:

you should be synchronized or in the process of being synchronized

useful commands

  • to view status of your node: idena-manager status

  • to turn ON/OFF your node: idena-manager [enable, disable]

  • to update your node: idena-manager node-update

I suggest for all of you to turn off self update on the script, if you have it (so there’s no possibility of update in case someone hacks the git account). - author

idena-manager disable-self-update


Manual way

  • log into your vps

  • (optional) create an Idena directory: mkdir idena && cd idena

  • sudo apt update && sudo apt install wget screen -y

  • copy the link of the node for Linux here​

  • download the node: wget YOUR_LINK

  • create executable: chmod +x idena-node-linux-0.XX.X ⚠️ change with your version ⚠️

  • run the node: ./idena-node-linux-0.XX.X

  • wait a few minutes then stop it with CTRL + C

  • copy from your PC your nodekey:

    • Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Idena\node\datadir\keystore

    • MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Idena/node/datadir/keystore

    • Linux: ~/.config/Idena/node/datadir/keystore/nodekey

  • paste your nodekey in your node: echo YOUR_NODE_KEY > datadir/keystore/nodekey

  • run your node: screen ./idena-node-linux-0.21.7 and move it the background with CTRL A + D

  • get your api key: echo "$(cat datadir/api.key)"

  • paste it in the settings panel

Well played it's done!

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